Al Filan

Al Filan

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The Almighty Filan

The Almighty Filan

    • Strengths: His Left jab, Seduction
    • Weaknesses:George Bush, people, squirrels
    • Careers:
      • World Featherweight Boxing Champion
      • Worked for Cook County has a CPA
      • Brother Rice High School teacher
      • Professional editor for Wikipedia
    • Quotes
      • “Milk and cookies go to your room”
      • “No one made a Roman scholar a Roman scholar”

Filan was discovered in the year in the early 1900s. He was Steve Job’s mentor.
He once gave a kid a detention for being ugly.
He has lured several hundred models into loving him including Anne Morton, Cory Kennedy, Emily Fox, etc.
He convinced Google to send you to George Bush’s biography page when you pressed the “I’m feeling lucky!” button while searching failure.




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